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Russia 2006 River Cruise


Pictures from Vantage's St. Petersburg to Moscow river cruise, June 14-27 2006 are still being worked. Yes, it's been a while but there are over 3,800 pictures to go through. (That's approximately over one picture every two minutes, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week during the entire trip.) We've posted both the finished, corrected pictures and the as-shot pictures at Shutterfly. Some are beautiful as they are but many benefit from correction to fix lighting, haze, and reflection problems associated with the conditions under which they were shot. Many of the church murals benefited from additional color enhancements to bring out their inner beauty.
The pictures have been divided into 24 categories, which includes the raw, as-shot pictures and the finished, corrected pictures (denoted with * at the end of the album name). Take a look! I'm sure that you will enjoy.

(<-The Flash Shockwave file is ~5 MB and, depending upon your connection, may take a while to download.)

So you want to see the DVD resolution of the clip playing to the left... click here (Caution: This is a ~16 MB file and requires a fast CPU! It also requires the Photodex Presenter Plug-In. Any image jitters are an artifact of the Presenter Plug-In and an insufficent CPU; the finished DVD contains smooth transitions and movements.)


Slide presentations based on the photos have been and are being developed. This has been an ongoing effort with finishing and correcting the pictures. The resulting presentations will be shown publicly and sold in DVD form. There are some stunning pictures; when put together in a presentation, they can make for some very beautiful and emotionally stong content. (Of course, the live presentations have much better resolution than the DVD/TV video resolution of the DVDs, so try to catch one of our live presentations.) Stay tuned for a listing of dates and locations!

Photo Book

Plans are underway to put together a photo book. We've narrowed down our potential printing source with the quality we believe these pictures deserve. We're hoping to have them available in November 2009.

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