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The Institute was established to provide an informal source for criticality safety information. Since the majority of other sites related to or on this subject matter are tied to a national lab and/or government, academic, or professional body, an informal exchange of information and ideas can not occur there. Their agenda must, unfortunately, always be politically correct and as "factual" as a regulator, academic, or professional society can be. The Institute was intended to provide tools and guidance to the practitioner of this fuzzy science. Criticality safety is an art and, despite all the attempts by certain individuals and regulatory bodies to make it a cookbook process, the subtle complexities of this art can not be ignored. Over the last several years, we've seen a true lack of commitment to maintaining this discipline and art form and, as such, this institution was started to provide a foundation to foster the continued development, sharing of knowledge, and training of criticality safety.

Tools Page

The "Tools" web page provides a resource to tools used by the criticality safety practitioner. Links to existing codes and programs are provided as well as reviews or discussions of the applicability or usability of those tools. Currently, the page includes a link to the spill modeling tools with a discussion of the KENO input generation capability within the associated spreadsheet, a quick discussion of the Circles-4 program, and a look at a spreadsheet for technical reviews of KENO input decks.

Bazley Institute - Circles-4

The gamma beta release of Circles-4 is available. It is a 16-bit compiled version that runs under the Windows command prompt or a Windows DOS shell. Work on the 32-bit Visual Basic version of Circles-5 has been put on hold pending interest - if you'd like to help, contact us.
Archive Page

A Tale of A Horse's Ass; A Review of NUREG/CR-6686 and Criticality Safety Cross Section Selection; Humorous NCSE Writing Tips; Time Dilation; Being Pro Nuclear; Salary Compensation; Ten Good Ways to Have a Criticality; Wood River Junction Accident Revisited; Things to Know as a Contractor; and the Guilty Plea by the JCO Officials and the Japanese Criticality Accident Summary have been moved to the Archive Page.

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