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Meet the Artist...

Conne was born the third child of an all-girl set of C-sters. Her parents were motivated and well-educated. They brought her into a world of achievement, scholarship, and excellence, though be it in the rough western outdoors of Colorado. Her father, having no sons, raised the girls as outgoing adventures and outdoor sports fanatics. And, unless you met her on a ski slope or rushing to a meeting, you might not see the stamina and drive that makes up her inner character. Add to this her mother’s gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and a thirst for reading and you get quite the wealth of historic perspective and a broad understanding of the inner workings of people.

Fascinated by story, fairy tale, and myth, her creative side showed up at an early age. Dress-up and acting became part of her repertoire aiding in the development of her story telling skills. From the playful color pencil sketches of aliens in spaceships to watercolor landscapes and paintings, she honed her love of art into a passion of expression – many times keeping a bright, upbeat, and fun side to her projects. It was only inevitable that, at some point, her childhood love of story telling would merge with her passion for art and her children’s books would be born.

Conne is an accomplished artist working in many media from watercolor to silkscreen. She has exhibited, is involved with art councils, and has many local artist friends. And, although capable of adult art expression, her major source of inspiration is childhood memories and the playful youthful spirit of a woman not quite ready to age.

We are proud to produce her kids’ books and DVDs and are intently waiting to welcome in many more fascinating tales to our collection!
Conne Snobble


Acu and the Purple Feather

"Once upon a time in the jungle of Ni-a-mee lived a bird named Acu.

Acu was a long-legged bird with three feathers on his head and three feathers on his tail.

He loved to stroll through the jungle of Ni-a-mee on hot afternoons and visit his friends.

But Acu had one problem - A Feather!"

Acu and the Purple Feather Book Conne Snobble's childrens' book "Acu and the Purple Feather" is now available. This 33-page 8.5 x 11-in. full-bleed color soft-cover book is written and illustrated with original silkscreen art. (The book is sold for us through CreateSpace, an Amazon Company, and the "CreateSpace" link will open separate page directing you to the site for purchase. You may also purchase the book on (Price: $14.95 + s/h) Buy Book from CreateSpace, an Amazon Company

Acu and the Purple Feather Read-Along DVD The "Acu and the Purple Feather" Read-Along DVD will be available soon. (The DVD is sold for us through CreateSpace, an Amazon Company, and the "CreateSpace" link will open separate page directing you to the site for purchase. You may also purchase the DVD on (Price: $19.95 + s/h) Buy DVD from CreateSpace, an Amazon Company

Peacocks Don't Eat Pickles

Publication of Conne Snobble's childrens' book "Peacocks Don't Eat Pickles" is being finalized. Along with the book, a read-along DVD will be available for purchase also. The book and DVD can be purchased online through this site. Look here for book signing dates. Also, check back later for details of Conne's newest book "Gangsta' Duck of Amstadam"!
Target Date for Book: June 2015 (Price: $14.95 + s/h)
Target Date for DVD: October 2015 (Price: $24.95 + s/h)

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